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Swimming pools and water park

Heated swimming pools, jacuzzi, waterslides, children’s pool, games

Discover our outdoor water park with heated swimming pools, a jacuzzi,waterslides,  a children’s pool with a fountain and water games. Relax near thepool on the comfy chairs and enjoy the fitness facilities that are at your disposal. You can cool off in summer and relax in the heated outdoor swimming pools. All equipment is designed in a way that safety is guaranteedfor you and your children. Though everyone needs to stay alert and watch out for accidents.

The heated water park is built on two levels. The first elevated level houses the heated jacuzzi with its river, a heated paddling pool with a fountain, a large trampoline and fitness equipment. This level is decorated with rocks and a waterfall. All this is surrounded by natural vegetation. A traditional swimming pool and the waterslides are placed under the water park and this pool is heated as well. Everyone loves all pools for their temperature and good water quality!

We are committed to safety and water quality for you and your children. This, among other things, because of the recent placement of new regulatory protection around the water park. Toddlers can enjoy the children’s pool with play attributes, while older children can swim in the traditional swimming pool or play on the trampoline or simply soak up the sun on one of the many lounge chairs. Due to the special requirements on the use of the swimming pools it is not allowed to enter the pool with incorrect swimsuits, drinks, food etc.


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